The Ultra-Violence

Sorry for leaving you readers on suspense for a few days. I meant to come back the next day and write more, but this week has been fairly busy. C= (-。- ) That’s me sighing, just by the way. Anyways, today I wanted to talk about one of the most infamous scenes from A Clockwork Orange: the break-in. It’s also our quote of the day, being the main focus on the blog entry and all that.

From page 13: “Mother Slouse, the wife, was sort of froze behind the counter. We could tell she would creech murder given one chance, so I was round that counter very skorry and had a hold of her, and a horror-show big lump she was too, all nuking of scent and with flipflop big bobbing groodies on her. I’d got my rooker round her rot to stop her from belting out death and destruction to the four winds of heaven, but this lady doggie gave me a large foul big bite on it and it was me that did the creeching, and then she opened up beautiful with a flip yell for the millicents. Well, then she had to be tolchocked proper with one of the weights for the scales, and then a fair tap with a crowbar they had for opening cases,and that brought the red out like an old friend. So we had her down on the floor and a rip of her platties for fun and a gentle bit of the boot to stop her moaning. And, viddying her lying there with her groodies on show, I wondered should I or not, but that was for later on in the evening. Then we cleaned the till, and there was flip horrorshow takings that nochy, and we had a few packs of the very best top cancers apiece, then off we went, my brothers.” Don’t worry about this strange-sounding sequence of events because I’m going to translate it for you!

Mother Slouse, the wife, was frozen in fear behind the counter (Just to clarify, Alex and his droogs broke into a store, and not a house.) We knew she would scream murder given the chance, so I quickly (skorry) jumped the counter and grabbed her. Alex then describes how Mother Slouse smelt and how nice her breasts were. Alex then wrapped his hand on her mouth and she bit him. Instead of her screaming, now Alex was. It was then that Mother Slouse called for the cops, so Alex did what he had to do: knock her out. He hit her with a weight and then a crowbar. Afterwards she began to bleed, so It’s veeeeeeeeeeeeeery likely that Mother Slouse is going to suffer from some sort of head trauma if she doesn’t outright die. Just a side note, tolchock means to push/hit. As Mother Slouse lay on the floor, shirt and bra ripped apart by Alex, he contemplates whether or not he should take things a step further. Another side note, to viddy is to see, and groodies are boobies. Afterwards they clean out the cash registers and take cigarettes with them (cancers are what they call cigarettes because of their close association with lung cancer.) Afterward they return to the old ladies at the bar.

The movie of A Clockwork Orange doesn’t really do this scene justice, in my opinion. First off, the masks aren’t even the ones mentioned in the book. The break-in happens in a seemingly random house instead of a store that Alex and his droogs used to rob a lot in the months prior. The Father Slouse and Dim were supposed to have a fight, but in movie, Alex simply kicks the man while one of his droogs holds him down. Mother Slouse is supposed to fight back against Alex, not be carried by Dim like how Donkey Kong carried Pauline in the arcades! It’s a shame how much the scene was changed! Not to mention there’s a very possible chance that the rape didn’t happen. Alex contemplates the rape itself and whether he would have time to do it, and says that, “it would be for later in the evening.” Maybe he plans on coming back, but I doubt it since the police are on watch for the criminals. Also, Pete was supposed to be watching out for any police that showed up, but all four boys enter the house in the movie version. With so many key differences, I can see why Anthony Burgess didn’t really like the movie that much.

The glossary will come, my dear readers. Setting it up in a way that I can just add to it every week instead of having separate words grouped together on each blog post is going to be something I need some help with though :p.

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