The Nochy is Still young

So I’m going to start off by providing a link to that clip I reference on my last post. I meant to last time, so here it is now: Just a warning, the clip obviously contains violence, and it cuts off a bit early. Also, there is a quote I use that contains some harsh language, so I hope you’ll excuse that.

After a little run-in with the millicents, Alex and his droogs walk out into the street once more and run into a drunk old man. He was singing a song while drunk and it goes like this, “And I will go back to you my darling, my darling, When you, my darling, are gone.” Unfortunately, I couldn’t find what song that went to, but I promise that I tried. Alex and his friends then proceed beat the old man up. What else would they do?

I will say, I’m a bit skeptical on Alex’s behavior. He says that he can’t stand to see how this old man is. Alex didn’t like it when this sloppily drunk old man is singing with his back against the wall. Maybe Alex is just mad that he didn’t know the song either? I digress, but It seems that there may (hopefully) be some good in Alex. Or I’m just being naive.

The old veck tries to stand his own ground and goes on about how the world is awful. “Go on, do me in, you bastard cowards, I don’t want to live anyway, not in a stinking world like this one.” This is when Alex gets a bit interested in what the old man has to say (and me too, as a reader.) “I told Dim to lay off a bit then, because it used to interest me sometimes to slooshy what some of these starry decreps had to say about life and the world.” So despite beating on the veck, Alex had some interest in what he had to say, just because he was an old veck. I wonder if this was intended as a surprise, because up until now, Alex hadn’t really cared for anyone aside from himself and his droogs. They just got back from breaking into a store and hospitalizing the couple that ran it. It comes out of nowhere, so I guess Alex isn’t just some delinquent after all.

“‘It’s a stinking world because it lets the young get on to the old like you done, and there’s now law nor order no more.'” That was the initial response Alex got from the veck. The man then followed up with, “‘It’s no world for any old man any longer, and that means that I’m not one bit scared of you, my boyos, because I’m too drunk to feel the pain if you hit me, and if you kill me I’ll be glad to be dead.'” There certainly is a lot of guts in this old man. He’s upset that there’s no law in society and that young people like Alex are able to beat him without repercussions. It’s understandable. A lawless land would be an awful place to live, especially if you got beaten up by some random kids at least half your age.

Alex gives the command to start punching the old man again, so the old veck starts singing. “Dear, dear land I fought for thee And brought thee peace and victory.” Unlike the last song, I was actually able to find this one online. . The only thing is that I can’t imagine an old man actually singing this song. I would say that I might have the wrong one, but the lyrics match and a few people mention the book in the comments. It’s just a weird thing to imagine.

“Then we tripped him so he laid down flat and heavy and a bucketload of beer-vomit came whooshing out. That was disgusting so we gave him the old boot, one go each, and then it was blood, not song nor vomit, that came out of his filthy old rot. Then we went on our way.” I think Alex and his friends killed the old man. I’m not surprised that they would, considering the other things they’d done the very same night. I like the old man. He was interesting, to say the least. I think I’m going to take a moment to re-evaluate Alex and his droogs. Also, this is my quote of the blog post.

So as I’m writing this blog post, my laptop is about to die and I definitely don’t have enough time to finish writing I want to. I’ll write a bit more at the start of my next post. My charging cord broke this past weekend and my new one should be arriving soon. This actually works out for me since now I can think about this old man and Alex. I created the glossary of words so now I won’t have to explain every word as I use them. Instead, I just have to be sure to update it whenever I use a new word. My next plan is to incorporate some of the words Alex and his droogs use throughout the book to help my blog seem more… authentic? (that’s probably the slovo I’m viddying for, hey look I’m doing it already!)

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