The Gang War

Hey readers! Sorry I hadn’t posted sooner. It turns out that the order for my chromebook charger hadn’t gone through, so it only just came in today. Now that I can write easily again, I plan on talking about some of the things I personally want to talk about in addition to the book. These kinds of posts will be a bit shorter (probably), and will probably be more common.

After walking for a little bit, Alex snd his droogs spot Billyboy, a rival gang leader. According to Alex (and who knows how truly trustworthy his words are), “Billyboy was something that made me want to sick just to viddy his fat grinning litso.” Billyboy had a gan of 6 men while Alex only had the four of them. There was a clear disadvantage, in my opinion.

So Dim apparently carries around some sort of chain around his waist. I wonder if there’s anything on the end of it. It would be really cool if Dim carried around a chain whip like this. That’s a manriki, just by the way, and it’s used by ninjas!

Dim probably just had a normal chain, but the manriki would definitely be more useful in a fight.

Anyways, the guys fight and Alex’s gang wins. End of story. HOWEVER, the old lady that Billyboy and his droogs were about to perform some ultra-violence on made her way to the nearest public phone and called the cops! With the police approaching the alleyway, Alex and his droogs make a run for it and end up reaching the riverbank.

Reflecting on the stars, Dim wonders if there is any life in the world on other planets, to which Alex responds with, “‘Come, gloopy bastard as thou art. Think thou not on them. There’ll be life like down here most likely, with some getting knifed and others doing the knifing. And now, with the nochy still molodoy, let us be on our way, O my brothers.’” Essentially, Alex is telling Dim that if there was any life on another planet then the same thing would be happening there. The same crime-ridden society with the same delinquents. It would be the same story, just in a different setting. Thinking about this, Alex doesn’t really seem that naive to me. He sees the corruption in society and takes delight in its madness. He’s street smart, good on his toes (as evidenced from how Alex danced around Billyboy’s blade, which I didn’t explicitly mention), and Alex still has some morals. Granted, they aren’t good morals, but there are some.

I’m going to finish this entry off here. I really should be talking a bit more on the book itself instead of writing whenever something happens. I’m only still writing about the first few chapters here! And I also need to update the glossary. It’s a lot of work, but this blog is actually a lot of fun and gives me more opportunities to write, and I do very much so enjoy writing.

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