The Rest of The Nochy

So I’m going to start off by saying that I’ve been a bit confused on the break-in scene. I had heard about this infamous scene before reading the book, and when Alex and his droogs broke into the store, I concluded that it was that scene. I was wrong. I’m gonna talk about that house break-in scene, now.

After leaving the riverbank with the millicents long behind them, Alex and his droogs reach an abandoned filmdrome (Cinema or movie theater) and try to get one of the cars there working. The boys drive out in a Durango 95′, which is apparently also known as a Probe 16.

This is the Durango 95, in a nice orange color (just like my font color :D)

So Alex and his droogs are driving around the backtown scaring old people, and afterwards they head west. In the dark woods, the boys ran over a dog (or possibly a wolf, but otherwise it’s super rude because they’re both adorable), saw two people lubbilubbing (making love) under a tree (very odd place to do something like this) and beat them bleeding, and then they arrived at their destination: a house. This is the break-in scene I got confused on, just by the way.

Alex knocks on the door. A woman answers it, being cautious not to let the stranger fully see their house. Alex speaks, “‘Pardon, madam, most sorry to disturb you, but my friend and me were out for a walk, and my friend has taken bad all of a sudden with a very troublesome turn, and he is out there on the road dead out and groaning. Would you have the goodness to let me use your telephone to telephone for an ambulance?'” The woman says that they have no phone (which is a smart lie,) so Alex asks for just a cup of water for his friend. When the lady leaves to grab the water, Alex undoes the chain on the door and the boys enter their house. Dim being Dim, begins to shout profanity and the sorts.

The room they enter has papers scattered around, for it was the husband’s work study and he was typing a novel. Dim and Alex talk to the man while Pete and Georgie find the kitchen. “‘It’s a book,’ I said. ‘It’s a book what you are writing.'” Alex picks up the pages of the book and rip them to shreds. The husband (who still hasn’t been named) runs at him, and Dim steps in and beats the man. The wife stood in horror as she stood their watching, unable to move from the fireplace.

Pete and Georgie enter the room with food in their hands (which is understandable, they must be hungry after a long night of crime), and Alex orders them to drop it and tie up the husband.

Now it’s time for the infamous scene. It’s one of, if not the WORST thing Alex and his droogs do throughout the entire novel, and I’m not gonna say what it is explicitly, but you should be able to tell, or already know, from context clues. Dim grabs the wife and holds her arms behind her back. Alex rips away her clothes, exposing the wife’s most private of parts. The husband is crying out in agony, but his screams are muffled by his gag. Alex goes first, then Dim, then Pete and Georgie. Afterwards, they break furniture, douse the fire in the fireplace, and left. Dim wanted to defecate on the floor, but Alex told him not to. This time, Georgie drove the Durango 95 (which is still a really cool car.)

Before I stop typing, I’d just like to talk about my quote of the week. “The Durango 95′ ate the road up like spaghetti.” There’s no deep meaning to it. I just like the visual of a car eating spaghetti. The quote really means that the Durango 95 (which is a sports car) was going really fast, but a car eating spaghetti sounds a lot better.

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