The Morning afterwards

Hey readers! I planned on this post being rather long since I wanted to cover everything that happened on the second morning of A Clockwork Orange. To fit with it now being daytime in the novel, I’ve swapped the orange font for a blue one (since it also looks good with the black)! Don’t worry though, I’ll use the orange when it becomes night again. Anyways, ONTO THE BOOK!

Alex wakes up in the morning and decides to go into school late that day (or as he calls it, the skolliwolli, which isn’t derived from Slavic, like many other words.) His excuse is that there’s a sharp pain in his head (a hangover) and wants to sleep it off. He may even take a bath (baths are nice.) Soon, both of Alex’s parents leave, and P.R. Deltoid comes in through the door. Being Alex’s correctional officer, Deltoid gets on to Alex about staying out of trouble. “‘Well,’ said P.R. Deltoid, ‘it’s just a manner of speech from me to you that you watch out, little Alex, because next time, as you very well know, it’s not going to be the corrective school any more. Next time it’s going to be the barry place and all my work ruined. If you have no consideration for your horrible self you at least might have some for me, who have sweated over you. A big black mark, I tell you in confidence, for every one we don’t reclaim, a confession of failure for every one of you that ends up in the stripy hole.'” Essentially, Deltoid is telling Alex that if he can’t stay out of trouble for his own sake, then he should stay out of trouble for Deltoid’s sake, for it is he the one who has labored to keep Alex out of jail (barry place, and actually also stripy hole. The two words aren’t Slavic, so I imagine that’s why they’re interchangeable.) It seems some word of Alex’s little gang fight against Billyboy reached Deltoid’s ears and that’s why he came around to remind Alex to stay out of trouble (like that’ll ever happen haha)

After Deltoid leaves, Alex reflects a little bit on himself and why he does bad things. I would consider it a soliloquy, but the entire novel up to this point has been Alex talking to the reader. In any case, Alex leaves his humble abode to venture out into society. He stops at his local music store to grab a new record (Alex sure does love classical music) and finds two girls there that also like music. While their taste in music is awful, (according to Alex, but he likes classical exclusively, so what does he know) Alex offers to take them to his house and play their records with his own stereo system. But first, he treats them to lunch. Once again, Alex thinks of himself above these girls. “Then they viddied themselves as real sophistoes, which was like pathetic.” It’s a real shame these girls have no idea what kind of guy Alex is. He’s only treating them nicely so he can get lucky. He even calls their music crap (cal!) He gives them drugs and alcohol and slaps his new Beethoven record (Alex usually listens to classical to get him in the mood for crime.) Poor girls, they didn’t know what they were getting into. The girls then sober up and leave, rightfully saying how he’s committed a crime and should be arrested. Just saying, Alex said “These two ptistas couldn’t have been more then ten.” Alex is fifteen.

So Alex woke up, talked to his correctional officer, picked up some girls, then went back to sleep. How nice, I kinda wish I could live a life that simple, but then again, I’m not Alex (thankfully.) It’s now 7:30 pm, and Alex has to head to his “night job.” Though I will say, that there’s actually a bit of foreshadowing in the dreams both Alex and his dad had. Alex’s dad dreamt that Alex’s old friends (believing Alex had been corrected by the correctional facility he went to) had ganged up on him and sliced him up. Alex dreamed that Georgie was a general in the army that was bossing around Alex while Dim lashed Alex on the back with his chain. Alex’s dream already came to fruition, as when he stepped outside, he was met with his droogs already there. They had gotten worried, so they decided to go by his house.

Georgie tells Alex that, “we wanted to have things more democratic like.” In short, they didn’t want Alex bossing them around as hard, and they wanted to have a say in rules they all follow (like not fighting with one another and to stop making fun of Dim.) Alex being Alex, he has none of what they’re saying. He goes on about how he’s the one who always has the ideas on what to do. To counter this, Georgie gives Alex an idea of what they were wanting to do that night: “‘pull a mansize crast'” (big robbery.)

Now something a bit peculiar happens. Alex gets a little hearing of Ludwig van Beethoven and goes mad. He was fine before, but now he’s whipped out his cut-throat britva (straight razor) and is slashing at Georgie and Dim. Not Pete though, since he hasn’t said anything yet. In one movement, he slashes at Georgie’s wrist and in another swift movement he slashes at Dim’s wrist. The two drop their weapons and Alex claims dominance again. “So they knew now who was master and leader, sheep, thought I.” Dim and Georgie are fine, Alex didn’t cut deep enough to hit the veins (main cables, as he calls them.)

This is a straight razor, just btw.

After the little fight, the boys head onto the night and onward to the mansion they plan on robbing.

The boys arrive at the Manse, which is in a neighborhood of old people. They try their trick again (saying they need an ambulance), but it doesn’t work this time. The babootchka living in the Manse didn’t want anything to do with the boys, and even threatened to shoot and sic her cats on them. (Oh great, she’s an old cat lady.) Yadda yadda yadda, the boys sneak around back and hoist Alex onto the roof. He breaks in through the window and proceeds to decide to do everything himself and show his droogs that Alex, is in fact, the best of all of them. He would be better than them combined, actually, according to Alex. There’s a bit of an altercation between Alex and the lady, but I’m not particularly inclined to think it’s that major of a detail, though I will say, the Old lady actually got her cats to attack Alex, and it was pretty amusing. In the distance, police sirens, Alex makes a run for the door. When he steps out, there’s Dim with his oozy (chain) out and hits him clean in the face with it. Blinded and confronted by the police, it seems this is the end of Alex’s life of crime. There was one thing he was told to do (be more careful), and he failed at that.

Well it’s not like it’s particularly his fault. It was Dim who knocked him with his chain and left him there. But, it’s entirely too late to change anything. The three droogs are gone, and Alex is off to jail. In the interrogation room, Alex hears that old man singing his song (so happy he’s still alive) and the voices of the police wondering what to do with Alex. In the room is P.R. Deltoid, informing Alex that it’s the end of the line for him. Alex has court tomorrow and Deltoid will be there to speak. Alex tells them the entirety of what had happened, all the way up to the robbery. He’s escorted out into his jail cell, and his watch guard informs Alex that the old lady had died. Alex murdered someone for the first time, and he’s only fifteen.

Well that’s it for the second day of the novel, oh, my readers, so that means I get to stop writing and give my wrists a break. Everything up to this point has been build-up. It was to show the reader just how bad Alex is so they can decide is he really deserves the punishment he gets (which I’ll talk about in my next post, since It’l be about the next day.) I plan on keeping on the font color thing, since I think it’s cool. On my little outros like this, I’ll just use whatever font color I used last, and on the intros I’ll use the color I’m about to use, which will probably be blue.

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