The Beginning of the Sentence

So we’ve done it! We (and I really mean me, or I, I guess for grammar reasons) have finished part one. Man, I am a very slow reader, but that’s ok for now. I’m glad you’ve stuck with me for this long. In the novel, Alex has been arrested and is going to court the next day. Everything up to this point has been buildup for this moment. It is the day Alex receives punishment for his crimes. I really want to wrap things up, so this WILL be the last short entry. Apologies in advance for the long entries to come šŸ˜›

Alex chooses not to tell about the specific details of the court session, (which probably didn’t last that long) and he only tells the reader what his verdict is: fourteen years in prison. He’s in the state jail 84F (Staja.) His prisoner number is 6655321, which won’t be hard to remember. Apparently nothing interesting happens in the first two years since Alex skips those, but he does mention something interesting: Georgie has died. Maybe Alex was actually right about something because when Georgie tried to lead Dim and Pete into another house robbery, he was killed. The man got away with it too, since it was self-defense. There’s a repetition of the line “What’s it going to be then, eh.” It was the first thing said in part 1 and part 2, and now the prison charlie (chaplain, it’s a pun of the actor Charlie Chaplin’s name.) I wonder if it’ll be the first line of part 3 as well. Anyways, the Charlie is up on the podium preaching about the word of God, and the other prisoners are taking his words seriously. Maybe it’s a prison thing that people choose to become closer to God and seek redemption.

Alex being Alex, fakes innocence and a desire to reform to his Chaplain (which is not a thing you should do) by acting as a snitch. Some of the things he tells the Chaplain are true, and some of them are false, so I guess his snitching isn’t totally bad. It would still get him proper tolchocked in prison though, since those prisoners have beaten others for less. I will say, it seems this prison aims to dehumanize the prisoners there a little bit. Alex has only been referred to by his prisoner number so far, and, by associating Alex with a number and not his name, it will slowly remove a connection he has to himself (probably.)

Alex returns to his cell and introduces his cell mates, Zophar, Wall, Big Jew, Jojohn, and The Doctor. All of them are in for some sort of crime, be it murder or sexual assault. The cell they lived in was only supposed to be for three people, yet there were six of them crammed in there.

When a new prisoner arrived, they instantly broke the first rule of prisons. He tried to beat on Alex, a small guy, instead of trying to beat up the biggest guy. Unfortunately for him, the other prisoners really like Alex.

It gets worse when the man tries to whisper into Alex’s ear while he’s sleeping. Alex wakes up with this big man in his bunk with him and lashes out. Then all his cell mates join in on beating the man up. The guards show up and everyone concludes it was Alex who started it. Alex refuses to sleep in the same cell as that man, and I would too, to be honest. That man is WEIRD FOR PRAYING ON YOUNG BOYS LIKE THAT. WHY WAS HE PUT IN THE SAME JAIL CELL!? The fight gets stopped and the guards decide they don’t want to deal with all that right now. Some intense discussion later, Alex fights him 1 on 1 and still beats him, and history begins to repeat itself. His cellmates begin to criticize Alex for being to rough on the man. Alex calls them traitors.

The next day, at 11am, the Chief Warden walks into Alex’s cell and gives a little speech on criminality and the failure of the prison system. They talk about a new method of reforming prisoners.

So as I’m writing this, I’ve actually got to stop. I was on a limited schedule today so unfortunately I couldn’t actually right for too long. I’ll prepare some stuff to come out tomorrow, so hopefully I can finish that when I’ve got free time. I’ll be updating the glossary with more words tomorrow as well. I apologize that it was abrupt, but it was abrupt for me too :/ See you guys tomorrow with the rest of part 2!!!!!!!!!

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